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Anonymous Confessions from Around the World.


Anonymous Confessions from Around the World.



Posted: 08:07
I lost my dad when I was just 5 years old with no one to care for me except my mother. In 2009, My mum remarried and we moved to Abuja because that was where my step dad lived. My step dad was very nice and loved my mum. He took care of my education and ensured I lacked nothing.

After I wrote my last SS3 exam and was back home awaiting my result, I received a shocker when one evening my step dad entered my room and bounced on me on the bed pleading that he was in love with me and that I should sleep with him. I was mute and couldn't say anything for a while I thought it was a dream. I resisted and told him that I can't do it, I pushed him off and ran out of the room. Since that day, I wondered what could've led to this? how could I tell my mum that the man she loves was trying to rape me. I just couldn't find the courage to tell her so as not to cause any problem between her and my step dad.

As weeks passed, my step dad continued to pressurize me saying that he will buy me anything I want if I allow him sleep with me. I resisted but still couldn't tell my mum about it. Few months passed and he stopped disturbing me, I thought he had changed and realized his mistakes, I was happy as I thought I could go back to been myself and not worrying over his advances but I was wrong.

In November 2013, I received another shocker, my mum discovered that my step dad had impregnated a lady and was planning to marry her, after my mum had already given birth to 2 boys for him. This was a crisis that we could never recover from, my mum and my step-dad were now quarreling almost everyday and he was no longer taking care of me and my brothers. He now goes out and spends days away from home without telling my mum where he was going. Everything changed for the worse. My mum couldn't believe it as she kept saying that my step dad was under a spell and was not acting with his right senses. I was shocked over the events that was happening but deep down was not surprised. I felt pity for my mum knowing who he was even before the crisis, sometimes I watched her cry into the night and wished I could pure my heart out.

My step dad finally told my mum it was over and that he wanted a divorce, he gave me a condition that either I stay or I go with her and never come back. My mum was broken, she was still shocked over what was happening, she could barely fight back. We moved out from the house and had to relocate to my uncle's house in Lagos. After 2 weeks of trying to resolve the matter, the marriage was legally dissolved and that was the end between my mum and step dad.

Being my first time in Lagos, I had to adjust to the new city, even though it was hard at times as I missed my friends back in Abuja. Sometime in September, I met a guy whose name was Darey. He was really nice and loving, we were introduced by my uncle's son who happened to be his friend. It was difficult for me to accept him initially because after what my mum had gone through I couldn't get myself to love or trust any man again. But because of Darey's constant pleading and pressure from my uncle's son I decided to give the relationship a chance. I really enjoyed the time we spent together as Darey was so nice and loving, he bought me gifts and took me out every weekend. In fact, I was convinced that he was the one I will marry. One Saturday, Darey took me out, I thought we were going to watch movies at the cinema as we used to but instead he took me to his house. At his house he persuaded me to sleep with him, telling me that he loved me and was ready to marry me. Because I loved him and it was obvious that he was serious with me, I agreed and we had sex that day. After that day, all hell was let loose as we couldn't control ourselves anymore whenever we were together. He was sleeping with me every weekend he took me out and I couldn't wait to be with him the next weekend. I took Darey as my husband so was free to explore my sexual fantasies with him.

In July 20I4, I realized I was pregnant after 2 months passed I didn't see my period, it was terrifying experience. Many thoughts were running through my head on what will happen if I decide to keep the pregnancy. I was still sleeping with Darey at the time and he didn't know about it. I wasn't really bother about how he will feel when I tell him because I was convinced he will marry me. What really bothered me was my education, if I will still be able to further my education. Also, how will my mum take it, I couldn't imagine telling her about it because I know she will be mad.

One Saturday evening, I was with Darey, I jokenly asked him what he will do if I were to be pregnant, I was shocked over his response. He told me he can't father a child now and that he was currently preparing to do his masters abroad. After he said that, it dawned on me that I was in a deep mess, I couldn't hold anymore as I quickly told him I was pregnant for real and that he was responsible. Darey changed before my eyes that evening, calling me unprintable names, how he always used condom and that the baby was not his. He suggested that I should go and abort it. After that day, Darey started avoiding my calls and when I eventually got him on the phone he always said he was busy. Realizing that Darey was not what I thought made me sick, I felt used, betrayed and lost. Few weeks after, Darey broke up with me through a text message, with the excuse that he will be going for his masters program and can't keep up with long distance relationship, advising me to get rid of the pregnancy. I almost cried my eyes out that night.

After crying for weeks, I finally confided in my uncle's son and told him what happened. He promised to help me get rid of the pregnancy and foot the bill. I almost died getting rid of the pregnancy as I bled for 2 weeks after the operation. I've moved on with my life and am currently studying Micro biology in UNN . My mum still don't know but I still regret everything till today.

Men are wicked, I can never love or trust a man again.



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