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Anonymous Confessions from Around the World.


Anonymous Confessions from Around the World.



Posted: 08:08
There is something that has bugged me for a while now I think sharing it will make someone to advice me on what to do. I’m 30 and just finished from law school. There is a lady in my life that loves me to her bone marrow and will do anything to make sure I marry her. Her people too want me for a son-in-law. They are so nice to me.

I met her in November last year at a time I was facing the challenge of raising money to pay my school fees. She was instrumental to my getting the money. She introduced me to someone who bought our landed property from where I got the money to pay my fees and take care of my other needs while in school.

Now the big problem is, she is uneducated. She told me she had finished secondary school but she has nothing at all to show for it. In fact, she disappointed me so badly when I put her through some tests, which made me doubt her claims of ever seeing the four walls of a school classroom.

She is quite pretty but people don’t want me to associate with her because according to them, she doesn’t belong to my class, even my parents have complained about her.

Severally, they have even accused her of being HIV positive and a prostitute. As for the HIV issue, I think that is false, because twice she donated blood of recent, to her family members in addition to her own testimonies that she has gone through several HIV tests which all proved negative.

Once or twice, I have summoned enough courage to let her know that marriage may not work between us since we cannot pretend not to be aware of the big gap between us educationally.

But she doesn’t want to relent, and is still seriously hoping that a miracle will happen. I would have loved to marry her, but I am presently not in the position financially to sponsor her education. Her parents too are not in any position to send her to school and my parents have advised me severally to look for a girl of my class who is educated. I feel greatly for her and can't leave her, don't know what to do.



  1. If you love her and can't leave her then don't.

    1. I'm sure that your parents will see that you love her and they will respect your decision because they love you.

  2. Love is never about education or money or cast.
    She stood by you and helped you get the education you would not have been able to have, except for her.
    She loves you "to the marrow bone" who could want a better girl than that.
    You are 30 years old and the older you get the less likely you will ever meet another girl at least equal to this one, who loves you so deeply.
    So what if she is not educated. You can always teach her what you want of her and teach her the things she needs to know to be your partner and wife and you are old enough, surely, to make your own decisions without your family having any say about it.
    The HIV thing, you can easily check, if she gives a sample blood to a medical blood testing laboratory, to see if she has anything in her blood that would be unacceptable and if she is clear, no problem.
    When you have done the checks and balances and she still comes out ahead, my advice to you is to marry her, provide the income from your own Law job to support you both and have lots of kids and then, when she is barefoot and pregnant, she won't be able to work anyway, what with bringing up all of the kids, so win/win for both of you.