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Anonymous Confessions from Around the World.


Anonymous Confessions from Around the World.


My Girlfriend’s Mum Is Pregnant For Me

Posted: 01:13

A cry for help from a desperate young man, who impregnated his girlfriend's mother, but actually didn't mean to do it. "My name is Elvis. Please, I need you to look at this situation that I've found myself and tell me if I'm wrong: I got a house for my girlfriend out of my parent's house just because I wanted us to have our privacy before we get married. I am always going there to spend the night most times and she did not tell me that her mother is very young and beautiful; a single woman. But one day I went to "our house" and she introduced me to her mum, the woman really liked me. But I didn't know that it's not just like, but love. One day my girl was on night shift in the hospital where she works and her mum called me around 7:30 and told me that I should come to the house, as she wants to see me before she goes back. I came and she told me she is bored and that I should spend the night with her and stay till my girl is back in the morning so we can both take her to the park to return to Asaba. I agreed and at night she woke me up from the chair and asked me to join her in bed… My heart skipped but she said she just don't want me to have neck pain by sleeping on the chair till morning. I followed her to the bed and in less than five minutes she has taken off her wrapper and was with me under the blanket. I understood what she wanted and by looking at her bare body I was already in the mood, so I slept with her, like 3 times before morning and I even enjoyed her more than her daughter. When she left, my girlfriend was angry that I spend the night in "our house" with her mum without telling her but I told her it was her mum's idea and that I did not complain since her mum told me that I would stay till she got back from work. I lied to her that nothing happened, that's my mistake. Her mum called me after last Christmas and told me that she was pregnant for me and that we should tell my girl so that her daughter can "look for another man". The woman wants to marry me. My girlfriend is aware now and she is cursing me, threatening my life. But is it my fault? Pls I'm confused!"



  1. Hi,
    Yes it is your fault and no, it is not.
    You are a young male, full of spunk and it is natural that you would not be able to keep your hands off her mother, if she was naked and wanted to fuck you - and what guy does not want to fuck the girlfriends mother - bring it on, I say.
    The problem is that her mother should have been on the pill and not got pregnant by you.
    Ideally, you should have been able to fuck your girlfriend and fuck her mother, without your girlfriend finding out that her mother was getting her sex from you too.
    By the sounds of it, her mother is at least the number of years older than you, that her daughter is, age wise and I don't think an ideal situation would evolve if you were to marry the mother.
    If your girlfriend forgives you and allows you to remain with her, I think you should stay with the daughter and fuck the mother, without admitting to doing it and let her mother sort out her own affairs without you being in any long term relationship or marriage with her mother.
    If your girlfriend drops you, then by all means live with the mother and fuck her stupid, however, refuse to marry her, because of the age difference, but that aside, be prepared to stay with her indefinitely, especially if she has her own home and you would be comfortable there.
    Good Luck

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