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Anonymous Confessions from Around the World.


Anonymous Confessions from Around the World.



Posted: 08:08
Men are very treacherous. How unfair can men be to a woman! I am going to be 60 this year and have been married for over 40 years. I invested everything I had into this marriage. I am the only child of my parents so I inherited everything they had. When things were very difficult for my husband I supported him with all I inherited from my parents.

Today, he is quite successful. If anybody had told me that this man I helped to become the success he currently is, would turn round to bite my fingers, I would have called that person a liar. I loved my husband so much that I had to sell the only house my parents had in Surulere (I inherited the house) to enable my husband begin his business.

About two months ago, I went to the United Kingdom to visit my son whose wife just put to bed. While there, one of the wife’s cousin came to visit her. From their discussion, it was obvious that they hadn’t seen in recent time. This cousin apparently lives in the United States with his family.

I really couldn’t say what was so familiar about the cousin but he looked like someone I once met long time ago. I was really curious to know so I asked him about his work, State of origin, his parents and all the things you ask when trying to help the memory recall something from its bank.

My daughter-in-law innocently aided my quest for information as she announced that he shares the same surname as our family name. I was very curious to know so I asked him his full name; the same names as my husband’s. I asked him about his mother, who I gathered is from the Caribbean.

I didn’t know what to do because the face I thought was familiar was actually my husband’s. the boy was the replica of my husband. He was more of his mirror image than my son. When I asked how old he was, I discovered he was just three years younger than my first son while his sister and my third were age mates.

Again, my daughter-in-law provided the information about the sister. When I asked him about his father, he said he was fine and presently in Nigeria with his other family.

Further questions reveal that he has told them about his Nigerian family; and how afraid he was of them coming to visit him because of his wife. He said the mother and father were legally married in the United States. When he asked if I knew his father going by the similarities in our surnames, I told him, I would find out from my husband. It was all I could do at that time not to let the secret out of the bag.

Without explaining my reasons, I told my children I was going back to Nigeria the following day.

While in the plane, I was praying against the reality of what I just heard but it turned out to be the truth. He didn’t bother to hide the truth from me.

His excuse? I never made him feel like a man. Right from the very day I married him, I have always made him feel inferior, never lost the opportunity of reminding him I made him.

He said, I kept stripping him in the presence of the children by my recount of how I sold my father’s house to help him. He attributes the attitude of the children towards him to that.

I am really hurt and confused. I know he is trying to justify what he did by all the excuses about my behavior. Even if I am guilty of all these, is marrying another woman right? Is that his way of repaying me for all I have done for him?

Of his own volition, he personally told the children about his other family. Ironically, my children, especially my sons, I thought would align with me against their father all appear to be blaming me for the situation in my house. My eldest son, actually told me he didn’t blame his father for sourcing for happiness else where. He stopped short of calling me a nag. My only daughter though wasn’t as vocal as the brothers just urged me to take things easy and sort it out with their father.

I have made up my mind to leave and have actually initiated discussion on the ownership of his business since I brought the money for the initial capital. I wont let another woman reap where she didn’t sow. But I need some advice, am I doing the right thing?

An old friend of mine thinks, I am going about it the wrong way and that if I am not careful, I risk losing the respect and support of my children? But I cannot allow any woman into my home, the one it took my parents money to establish. It isn’t possible! As it is, he has already used my money to train his other children abroad. I want you to appreciate that I am a hurt woman who is desperate to keep her inheritance.

I appreciate your advice.



  1. This is a difficult one.
    You are damned if you do and you are damned if you don't.
    My advice is to go with your heart and do whatever brings you comfort in the long run, even if that means losing your husband and those of your kids who don't agree with you.
    If you do nothing, will the betrayal eat your heart out and make you more bitter and twisted and is it worth that to you, if you do nothing?