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Anonymous Confessions from Around the World.


Anonymous Confessions from Around the World.


Help! I Reach Orgasm Each Time My Newborn Baby Sucks My Tip

Posted: 01:40
Before now, I have this weakness that whenever a guy touches my breast, I loose control.

My Tip has been my greatest weak point that many guys took advantage of it whenever we were together

took in for my boyfriend, who had since denied the pregnancy and fled.

Thereafter, I gave birth to a baby boy not quiet long and each time I breast feed him, I reach orgasm, because it tickles me.

I don't even know if it is a spiritual problem or I need any medical attention, because I can see myself reaching multiple orgasms each time my baby sucks my breast.

Please help me out.



  1. Hi,
    All women have sensitive breasts and nipples, there is nothing abnormal in you at all.
    For any woman to breast feed her child, there is always some sensitivity, because nature intended that it should be a pleasurable experience for you to breast feed and to ensure your baby gets a healthy supply of breast milk, which contains all of the nutriments it needs to grow.
    That you orgasm so easily is absolutely wonderful and I wish you lived near me so that I could show you what it really feels like to be loved and appreciated, as much as you should be.
    Enjoy your multiple orgasms and enjoy being mother to your baby boy.
    You probably won't need a male for company, while you bring up your baby, as he will provide you with company, love and affection and what more could you ask for - for the next 18 to 20 years.
    If you want your boyfriend, who fled, to be held accountable for your child and pay maintenance towards rearing him, a DNA test, which compares his DNA with that of your baby, would be proof enough, one way or another.
    I would suggest to you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, or your nipples and enjoy as many orgasms as you can daily manage, either by stimulating yourself, or have baby do that for you, as well.
    Count yourself very fortunate, for being so lucky.....