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Anonymous Confessions from Around the World.


Anonymous Confessions from Around the World.



It wasn't that hard to do, he cheated with her and she cheated on her husband when they got together.
At first i was upset and then act like i moved on, far from it though. i waited and plotted my revenge.
I planted seeds of doubt in both of their minds. Very simple to do.
First i sent flowers to her and had a sweet note attached.
I found a way to spoof to make it appear her ex was calling or texting her. she sometimes would forget her phone, so it wasn't long before they broke up.
He is wanting me back, but i don't want him. i just wanted him to feel the same way i did and now he does.
My boyfriend and I started dating six years ago, but became very steady two years ago. Our relationship had complications because of his attitude as well as liking for other women. It was during the period of our courtship, he got another woman pregnant.
It happened in the first year which led to our breaking up, but he came back to beg me after the lady in question gave birth. From the disposition of the lady, she wasn't interested in marrying him: just desired him to play the role of a father to her daughter.
At first, I didn't want to take him back into my life but, after making him beg for almost a year, I decided to forgive him and continue with the relationship, believing that he had learnt his lessons.
The first six months after that incident were fantastic. He was all attentive and shunned all members of his vast female fan-club. I was happy at the turn of things and had actually adjusted to his new person when I noticed he had gone back to his former ways.
Again, I took a walk until two years ago when he sent his friends to beg me to return to him. Although I was already in a new relationship but I wasn't really into the guy, because a part of me was still in love with my former boyfriend.
It was such a sweet relief when his friends came on his behalf to beg. After the initial female hide and seek game, I forgave him.
We made plans to marry on his birthday this year, April 1. We had gone as far as agreeing on the colours and venue. We had also informed our pastor to keep that date for us.
Agatha, I thought nothing could go wrong again until I walked into his bedroom three days ago to see him making love to his married ex-girlfriend. What hurt the most; was his reactions when he saw me. Rather than apologize, he asked angrily what I was doing in his house at that time of the day when I was supposed to be at work. The lady didn't even betray any shame instead she was hostile to me and actually ordered me out of the house.
I didn't know how I got back to the office that day. Before I got home that day, he was already in our house to beg. To make matters worse, I discovered I was pregnant this morning.
I don't have anybody to turn, hence my decision to share my problem with you. I don't know what to do, but one thing is for sure; I don't want this baby, at least not now. It is so painful and confusing because despite all his many betrayals, I still love him more than any man on earth.
I have done everything for this man. I would have been able to endure the situation if it was with the mother of his child but this one who left him to marry another man? I feel like a fool because, while we were planning our wedding, he was busy frolicking with a married woman. And to treat me as if I meant nothing to him… how can someone you love so much be so cruel.
Guys pls how do I inform the lady I love that another lady is four month In with my baby, I've been with her for more than 4years and I don't want to loose her at all as I've make all my life plans with her.. whenever I imagine my future she's the only one I see in it.

Pls kindly advice me on how to handle this situation.. when is the right time to tell her or should i just keep it as a secret?? I don't want to loose her pls..
Sometimes I'm scared that I will waste my life away doing nothing.
The thought of hurting my family and friends is the only thing keeping me from killing myself, but i don't know how long that will hold up. My brain and my body have never worked right; all the doctors agree that i'm physically and mentally ill but none of them seem to know what the diagnosis is.
I think i was just built wrong; i'm not sure i was ever meant to be human. I believe in reincarnation and I want to hit a reset button. I know some of that is the depression talking, and some is the psychosis, but what kind of future do i have when i can barely dress and feed myself most days, let alone getting and holding down a job? Even if I'm wrong about what comes after, i just want it to end. I've been so tired for so long.
I'm getting to the point of planning how I'm going to do it and what I'm going to write in my suicide note. I can't tell anyone because I know I'd get locked up.
If i could roll back the time, I wouldn't do such.

So i actually do have sex with my cousin years back, at first i felt guilty but as time passes by, we both enjoyed the fun we had and loved each other more.
Been years now, and we've moved on, but had to just confess.
I wouldn't want to do such if it was now, as i now know better.
It happened during bible days, It could happen to anyone, don't feel special if you never find yourself in such position.

For years, my husband had been on a roller coaster when it came to the ways he treated me and my family. There were some days where he would be the sweetest man on earth; but other – darker – days where he would "accidentally" grab me a little too hard, pull me into a kiss a little too roughly, or even put his hands around my neck when he lost his cool. He has even hit one of our children once when he got angry that they tried to eat something they shouldn't have. Mostly, he would just feed the kids, brush their teeth, and lay around playing video games all day. I'm the breadwinner in the family – he's a stay-at-home dad. I wanted it to be that way until we moved back to the United States.

When I come home, I end up doing a lot of the house work. I admit the place becomes pretty trashy since I hardly have time to do the "work" after getting home from work. It gets tiring. Slowly, my interest in him has been fading. Slowly, I see others out there who can more easily spark a flame back onto my dying candle. I love my husband, but only as a friend now.

Now, this new man… I've known him for four years already. He, in fact, works with me. It wasn't until recently that we had noticed each other's occasional glance of appreciation at how attractive the other is. One day, I confess to him that I had been wanting to touch him in less-than-appropriate ways for awhile. He simply replied, "Same here."

We did things. Lots of things. We kissed. I felt fire. Fire that I hadn't felt since my first kiss all those years ago. We touched. I ran my hand through his soft hair. I felt electricity through my body, something I never felt with my husband. Eventually we made love. It was amazing. He wasn't larger than my husband, but he was more loving, more caring, more passionate.

I feel terrible for this.
I'm sleeping with a married woman frequently, mostly in the backseat of my truck .
She hates her husband but stays because they have children in elementary and middle/ high school.
What's unexplainable is I sincerely love her and she loves me too.
Before now, I have this weakness that whenever a guy touches my breast, I loose control.

My Tip has been my greatest weak point that many guys took advantage of it whenever we were together

took in for my boyfriend, who had since denied the pregnancy and fled.

Thereafter, I gave birth to a baby boy not quiet long and each time I breast feed him, I reach orgasm, because it tickles me.

I don't even know if it is a spiritual problem or I need any medical attention, because I can see myself reaching multiple orgasms each time my baby sucks my breast.

Please help me out.

A cry for help from a desperate young man, who impregnated his girlfriend's mother, but actually didn't mean to do it. "My name is Elvis. Please, I need you to look at this situation that I've found myself and tell me if I'm wrong: I got a house for my girlfriend out of my parent's house just because I wanted us to have our privacy before we get married. I am always going there to spend the night most times and she did not tell me that her mother is very young and beautiful; a single woman. But one day I went to "our house" and she introduced me to her mum, the woman really liked me. But I didn't know that it's not just like, but love. One day my girl was on night shift in the hospital where she works and her mum called me around 7:30 and told me that I should come to the house, as she wants to see me before she goes back. I came and she told me she is bored and that I should spend the night with her and stay till my girl is back in the morning so we can both take her to the park to return to Asaba. I agreed and at night she woke me up from the chair and asked me to join her in bed… My heart skipped but she said she just don't want me to have neck pain by sleeping on the chair till morning. I followed her to the bed and in less than five minutes she has taken off her wrapper and was with me under the blanket. I understood what she wanted and by looking at her bare body I was already in the mood, so I slept with her, like 3 times before morning and I even enjoyed her more than her daughter. When she left, my girlfriend was angry that I spend the night in "our house" with her mum without telling her but I told her it was her mum's idea and that I did not complain since her mum told me that I would stay till she got back from work. I lied to her that nothing happened, that's my mistake. Her mum called me after last Christmas and told me that she was pregnant for me and that we should tell my girl so that her daughter can "look for another man". The woman wants to marry me. My girlfriend is aware now and she is cursing me, threatening my life. But is it my fault? Pls I'm confused!"